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Turning Tables

Sep 17, 2023    Joey Rodgers

Upon Jesus’ first visit to the Temple courts, once He had been commissioned as a rabbi, He

proceeded to turn over the tables and chase the moneychangers out of the area in zeal for His

Father’s house.

In this message, we will consider the three primary reasons for Jesus’ action in light of their

relevance to our lives and pursuit of Him today. The purpose of God’s Temple was (1) to

worship through sacrifice; (2) to be a house of prayer and ministry to God’s people; and (3) to be

a place where the nations could come to discover the one and only God – YAHWEH. Because

the Israelites had lost this sense of mission, they had turned God’s house into something it was

never intended to be. The same can be said of our lives no that we are the Temple of God – and

in the same manner, our lives have both mission and purpose. Raising the question – in God’s

jealousy over us, what tables does He need to turn over in our lives to help us to never lose sight

of His mission and purpose in our lives?