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Disciple Making

Of all the famous last words, the words of Jesus to His followers have had the most profound impact on human history. His words were simple, yet straightforward — Go into your world and make disciples of all nations. That is, go into the highways and byways of your daily life with your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even perfect strangers, and tell them about the love of God found in Jesus Christ. Share with them about His teachings and sacrifice. Tell them about His grace and mercy. Most importantly, help them not only discover it, but to continue sharing the message of His life with others too.

These words have been the guiding light of the church since the day of Pentecost and will continue to be God’s missional purpose for His people until He returns.
Yet a cursory review of the condition of the modern church is alarming. The vast majority of churches and denominations around the world have plateaued and are dying. Once great cathedrals have been turned into museums and upwards of 72 churches a week in the United States are closing their doors. What has happened? Let us all be assured that it is not because God is absent, or even unpopular; and while there are a number of contributing forces, one of the easiest to discern is that the church has lost its way. God’s commission to make disciples has given way to popcorn, parties, and picnics in Jesus’ name. Somewhere along the way, the church has lost her sense of commission and the impact has been staggering.

In the Lost Commission, Dr. Rodgers invites his readers to rekindle their hearts for God’s Great Commission. As he investigates where the church may have lost connection with God’s mission to make disciples, he calls his readers to rediscover the true calling of the church and the Christian life.