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Devotional Life

One of the great invitations of the Bible is when Jesus encouraged others to “Come and See!” To be certain, His invitation was more than an offer to satisfy one’s curiosity, but rather, it was a bidding to experience who He was and to walk in intimacy with Him. Thankfully, this calling was not reserved only for the twelve men Jesus engaged to follow him some 2,000 years ago – it was an invitation to whosoever will. Come and See is a 36-week devotional pathway that allows the follower an opportunity to strap on their sandals and walk chronologically through the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus.
In John 15, somewhere between the Upper Room and the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus offered to His disciples possibly His most essential lesson on followship – it is the lesson of abiding. To abide in Christ is to remain in Him. It is to live in alignment under His authority. It is to be grafted into intimacy through salvation so that the source of our lives is the Holy Spirit. It is to rightly understand and affect the disciplines of the spiritual life. On this 10-week devotional pathway, the reader will dive deep into the essential elements that make the Christian life work.
The story of the Bible is without a doubt the greatest of all love stories. From the very first verse in Genesis to the last verse in Revelation, we are privy to the spectacular narrative of God relentlessly pursuing His creation to rescue them from lostness in order to restore them to a saving relationship with Him. It is in the pages of Scripture that we are given a front-row seat to trace the scarlet thread of God’s redemptive plan for all of humanity from the fall of Adam and Eve to the cross and empty tomb. In His-Story, the reader will go on a journey through the pages of Scripture to discover the overall redemptive plan of God.
An anchor is an essential device that secures a ship to the bottom of a body of water to prevent it from drifting due to wind and currents. It serves to bring stability in the midst of storms and rough waters to protect all who are onboard. In a similar manner, the doctrines of faith serve as an anchor for our souls which God has provided for His people to secure them in and through the storms and rough waters of life so that they might not be swept away by the gale-force winds and currents that attend their way as they live in a fallen, sin-sick world. In Anchored, each reader will follow a devotional pathway that will delve into the deeper truths and doctrines found in the Bible to help them to see and understand God and His will on a deeper level..
In the Crown, Cross, and Commission, over the 6-week season of Lent, you are invited to journey with Jesus throughout the final week of His life to witness His final words, His final encounters, His final encouragements, and of course, His once and for all sacrifice for the redemption of humanity. Beginning with His anointing at Bethany and His final triumphant entry into Jerusalem, through the Olivet and Upper Room discourses, to cross and the empty tomb --- you will experience the magnificence of the love of God on display for you.